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USS Saratogo


Captain's log

Posted on Wed Aug 28th, 2019 @ 12:25pm by Captain William Drakno
Edited on on Thu Sep 19th, 2019 @ 1:44pm

Mission: Gavaria Down
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: 66798.56

USS Saratoga
Captain’s Log

The Saratoga has been heading towards the Fergenie neutral zone at warp 6 for the last few days. The crew has been running various drills on systems and departments to better acquaint themselves with the ship as well as to find any bugs still in the system. Even though a shake down cruise was completed, one can always find something with new technology systems.

We will be meeting up with the USS Church Hill tomorrow to pick up additional crew and supplies. I’m hopeful that they will have some intell to share with us about our mission and the local area. The Church Hill had just been in the area for a short term patrol that has lasted sixteen months and are ready to head back to space dock. I don’t blame them as many where on the retirement list but it’s been this way for months now. After the war and all the small conflicts that have happen around the Federation has taxed the resources to the limits. Building new ships are even harder, so as a captain, getting a new command so quickly was a luck of the draw. Like many older officer retiring, many are returning, as in my case, watch all the hard aches of lost crews and ships because of the lack of experience that the enemy is taking advantage of our young crews. Plus I was getting bored just sitting around the house just doing things to past time. If I’m going to sit so much, why not back on a ship where my skills could help younger crews.

William leaned back in his office chair looking out the window, watching stars fly by with a quick streak. How he had missed this view, it felt like home. Even more so was his wife would soon be on board with their daughter. It would be weird for sure as he never had planned on a family let alone one on a starship. Nicole had grown up and was eighteen years old. Still a young one by Vulcan standards but living around humans most of her life had a profound change on how she viewed life. It was hoped she could attend Vulcan academy, it's why they didn't come along in the first place as she was testing out at the center. From early reports, she was doing very well for one who had grown up as an outsider. All William could do was hope for the best for her. Her love for science was a huge drive and why she wanted to try the academy.

William looked by down at his desk and all the reports that had to be made to Starfleet Command. Boy this was one thing he didn't miss much, and all this new let's all be in touch more and involved. Ghee, had Starfleet gotten this soft? I hope not, this would be a little to feel for William's taste.
William get's up and walks over to the replicator, "Computer cup of Green tea, one raw brown sugar."
As the machine produced the asked drink, William remembered the first time he had asked the computer to make one. It was green tea with who knows what as a sweetener. It was so horrible that he spit the drink out all over his desk. Thank goodness that Padd's where water proof. William picked up his cup
and took a sip just to make sure it was ok to drink. It was warm and tasted just right. The engineers had gotten it right the first time.

Looking out the view port from the readyroom, William watched for a few minutes as the streak of stars flew by the window. There was something’s you never get tired of seeing.
Heading back to his desk he looked over the new design and shape of it in the tradition wood and metal design. It was nice to have a new desk, even the smell was new. William seats down and grabs the first PADD to his left and gives it a glance over. It was the duty roster and the much needed personal request. William leaned back in his chair to give it a thought. Then it came to him, the Odyssey was being retired and several of the crew was
looking to find another ship in operation of the same class. That would be very helpful for him with such a young crew. William types up a message and then sends it to command resource office back on Earth. It would take a few weeks but it was a good chance that some crew might ask for a transfer. Any help at this time would be grateful.

End of Captain’s Log

Captain William Drakno
Commanding Officer
USS Saratago