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USS Saratogo


The beginning

Posted on Sat Aug 10th, 2019 @ 6:31pm by Captain William Drakno

Mission: Gavaria Down
Location: Vidal Fleet Yards
Timeline: MD 1

Stardate: 66791.4
USS Saratogo

"Captain, command has given us a green light for departure sir." Ensign Wallus said.

William turns from looking over the engineering station and moves to the command chair and takes his place.

"Thank you Ensign." Taps the chair comm. "Attention all hands, we have been given the go by command. I know you all have worked hard up to this point and spent many hours getting our ship ready. Well it has paid off but the work doesn't stop here, we now head off into the Inconnu Area where we will be tested, tried and measured. I expect every one of you do your best and stay focused and watch your other crew members. Together we can do anything, over come any obstacle and do it in a professional manure. It is what the Saratogo is all about. Not the end game but the journey there. Look around where you are and thank your other crew members. Enjoy this moment. They don't come often.Bridge out."

"Ok helm set course, One third impulse. Once we cleared the yards, jump to warp 6 please." William said in a calming voice.

"Yes sir." replied Ensign Wallus as he worked the controls of his helm station.

The ship slowly moved out of the docking and moved through the huge yards where dozens of other ships laid. The Saratogo was no longer a NX ship but a fully commissioned ship and was now on it's first mission. So the long voyage begins.


The Saratogo was about to become the first ship back into the Expanse after the full pull out a few years earlier. deep Space 7 was destroyed which caused a lot of issues in the expanse. One being the presence of StarFleet. The Saratogo will do a quick drop in on 51 Pegasi and then cross the border
towards the Inconnu system where the Saratogo will meet up with an Intell ship that will catch up and give a hand scouting the area. The enemy was still out there, so why take any chances with a new ship.
If things look good, the Saratogo will warp to Gavaria where their power station and water processing plants had becoming unstable and the government requested help with them. After three months Starfleet
gave the go ahead and the Saratogo, the first of the new SCE ships, to lead the mission with the hope to reestablish contact with the local planets.

"Helm what is our eta to Pegasi?"

"Fifty one minutes sir at our current speed."

"Very well, I'll be in my readyroom then. Number one you have the bridge." William gets up and
heads to his readyroom to grab something to eat before arriving in the Pegasi system.

"To be Continued-"

Captain William Drakno
Commanding Officer
USS Saratogo